Belluno city park called:”The Bologna park” is the green parkof the city of Belluno. In the city center, it is a park equipped to entertain children and adults.

Once the garden was owned by the Jesuits. Inaugurated in 1960, it owes its name to the fact that during the Resistance to Nazi fascism a close working relationship was established between the Bolognese and Belluno partisans.

In 2010 the sculptor Massimo Facchin, a veteran of the Russian campaign, places at the center of the city park of Bologna, a low relief in bronze that commemorates the fallen in Russia during the First World War. In the central panel the word is carved: “Why”, repeated in all languages ​​to witness the nonsense of wars.

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Parco Comunale Via Attilio Tissi, 32100, Belluno

Opening Time

All days at 8.00 AM


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