The ancient gates of the city

There are three ancient passages that take the visitor to the old city. Three city gates, all with particular names that echo a story to be known.

The city gate road is a splendid walk on a mostly pedestrian area. You will walk inside the ancient city center (piazza delle erbe) still used today as a fruit and vegetable market (the herbs) here, you can visit the Monte di Pietà where the Bellunese in difficulty went to ask for loans mortgaging their belongings. Hidden between the Monte di Pietà and the square’s bar, do not miss a visit to the ancient church of San Pietro.

Narrow streets, always busy with traffic from the Belluno area, protected by the palaces of the ancient and powerful Belluno families will knock you at the door of the Gregorian Seminary and the structure of the neighboring Ospedale dei Battuti.

The visit ends with the exit from the main gate of the city: “Porta Dojona” and the visit to the currently active Municipal Theater.

Not to be missed..

The route is very easy to follow, suitable also for families with children. All external route. All the buildings are currently inhabited and can only be visited from the outside.


30 min