Built by the Franciscan friars in 1326, one century after their first arrival in Belluno. The original church was weakened by an earthquake in 1709, and required an heavy intervention: it was demolished and completely rebuilt in 1750, following a project by the Franciscan friar Ludovico Pagani, moving backwards the façade, as we can still see looking at the gothic arch now visible from the square, belonging to a little chapel now part of the priests Seminar but originally part of the old church.
During the XVIII century was also completely rebuilt the bell tower, damaged by thunderbolts and earthquakes: its present outlook was designed in 1882 after the 1873 earthquake.
Of the original XIV century building only the “Gothic chapel” has survived: now it is part or the Seminar, but it used to be an upper open chapel built over the right side of the church.
It contains masterpieces by Sebastiano Ricci (the main altar painting and the frescoes of the Fulcis chapel), four large canvases painted by Andrea Meldola, called Schiavone (Zara 1501-Venice 1563), originally used as wing doors of the organ, and two wooden panels by Andrea Brustolon (Belluno 1662-1732), arriving front the Jesuit church, closed by Venice in 1773 and then destroyed by Napoleon

Source: Marco Perale


Piazza San Pietro, 32100 Belluno

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