Built between 1612 and 1641 on a design of the capuchin friar Andrea da Venezia, to complete the annex Clarisse’s cloister, started by the bishop Alvise Lollino (1597-1625) and finished by the bishop Tommaso Mallonio (1634-1649). On top of the side portal are still fixed the coat of arms of the Franciscan order, of bishop Giulio Berlendis (1653-1693) and of the Fulcis family. The monastery started its life in 1634 and was closed in 1806 during Napoleon’s rule and used as public school. The church was deeply restored in 1952 by architect Alberto Alpago-Novello, a work that also enlarged the nearby cloister. Inside the church there are important art pieces from XVII and XVIII century, like the wooden monstrance carved by Andrea Brustolon, arriving from the closed oratory of St. Lucano. Now on the left altar, and paintings by Francesco Frigimelica, Antonio Lazzarini and others. There is also a little but precious internal museum.

Source: Marco Perale


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