Spiritual center of the Borgo Piave community, dedicated to St. Nicholas patron of the “zattieri” (the timber rafts punters) who transported wood and goods along the river from Cadore to Venice.
A first building was erected in 1361, then rebuilt in 1547 as recorded by an inscription engraved on the architrave of the church, then modified in 1747 an finally restyled in neoclassical style in 1861.
On the simple façade there are two elegant inscriptions. The first one is dedicated to the new bridge over the Piave river built in 1568 by the venetian Rector Lorenzo Priuli (whose coat of arms is still visible on the left) and in that occasion the great architect Andrea Palladio proposed a bridge project that was not accepted. The second inscription records the water defense works of 1622 by Rector Federico Corner, the same venetian noble who reconstructed the city’s south gate of Porta Rugo. Inside the church there are paintings of the XVII and XVIII centuries.

Source: Marco Perale


Via S. Nicolò, 34-36, Belluno

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Saturday, Sunday: 10.30
Week: 18.00


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