The Old Bridge is certainly one of the few bridges on the “La Piave” river. With almost two hundred years of history, it was built during the Austrian domination between 1837 and 1841 on a project by the engineer Zilli. The bridge was able to connect the two banks of the city of Belluno and the neighboring village: Borgo Piave, a famous village in the city because it will become the port of the raftsmen.

For three times it was necessary to intervene after the collapse of the three central arches in 1872 and 1882. After the last collapse the reconstruction project was abandoned until the First World War when, during the Austrian occupation in the city, it was rebuilt in wood . Also this time the bridge did not last long. It was again destroyed during the retreat of the Austrians themselves on 1 November 1918. Currently, only the first arch remains on the town’s shore.

In 1923 work began on the new bridge, not far from the Ponte Vecchio, which takes the name of Ponte della Vittoria.

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Ponte Vecchio, Belluno

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