XVI century building erected by Nicolò Crepadoni assembling some older buildings (maybe the “altana” terrace still preserves the basis of one of the ancient towers, higher than the city wall). Part of the original frescoes can still be seen downstairs and at the first floor, in the reading room of Belluno’s Public Library. Inside, under the cloister-like arcade, in 1981 has been placed the roman marble tomb of C. Flavius Hostilius Sertorianus and his wife Domitia, from the III century, found in 1480 while digging the foundations of the bell tower of St. Stephen’s church. From Renaissance time up to Napoleon it was placed in the cathedral squre, standing on four marble columns, the moved in XIX century beside the church of St. Stephen. The palace was the home of the Crepadoni family, hence the name “Crepadona”. Now it hosts Belluno’s Public Library.

Source: Marco Perale


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