In 1835 the architect Giuseppe Segusini built this palace for the nobles Cappellari, the family of Pope Gregory XVI (1765-1846), who was elected to the Holy See on February 2nd 1831. The Pope’s coat of arms added two doves (from Camaldoli’s Benedictine order) on the family’s original coat of arms, and the family itself since then has been called “Cappellari della Colomba”, which means “of the Dove”. After the Pope’s death the family went through big economical troubles and the palace was sold many times between XIX and the beginning of XX century, when the palace finally became the provincial office of the Royal Automobile Club of Italy, a role confirmed since 1945 and up to now even under the new Republic. The façade shows its neoclassical style through a strong and heavy ashlar base and four half columns over it closed by two square pillars, with couples of windows divided by a light greek stucco decoration. Inside is particularly interesting the big semicircular stair and the inner garden, now accessible only from via Carrera, which offers the rare solution of the curve side façade that follows the original direction of the old road.

Today the Palazzo is the headquarters of the local Automobile Club of Italy.

Source: Marco Perale


Piazza dei Martiri, 46, 32100 Belluno