Sacred building, simple and essential, started at the beginning of XIV century for the Flagellants “Scuola” or Confraternity, whose first record in Belluno is dated back to 1260 and which was formally created with a statute and a register of the brethren’s names in 1310. Two inscriptions written in gothic characters remember the rising of the bell tower in 1415 and, on the left entrance’ architrave the finishing of the building in 1441. Once it was extremely rich in altars and art pieces: among them an important painting by Alvise Vivarini, burned and lost in Berlin during a World War II bombing, but it also contained pictures by Paris Bordon, Carlo Caliari and others, sold and dispersed after Napoleon closed the church in 1806.
The gothic stone carved portal (whose wooden wings are now in the City Museum ) has been moved in 1893 to the church of St. Stefano. The two large Renaissance window frames are the last testimony of the reconstruction of XVI century.

Source: Marco Perale


Via Santa Maria dei Battuti, 32100 Belluno

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